Thursday, 16 August 2018

Silent Vigil during the Papal Mass Tuam

Sunday August 26th
Silent Vigil to remember all the forgotten ones.
Congregating at the Town Hall, Tuam from 2pm.
Procession to 'Home Babies' site leaving at 2.30pm.
Public gathering @3pm at the site during the Papal Mass at Phoenix Park.
All welcome. #standfortruth  

The magnificent Catherine Corless will be with us, the babies have no finer guardian angel @AnnetteMckay15

Many people are travelling from all over Ireland and the UK to walk in solidarity and truth to the 'Home Babies' site in Tuam, thereby acknowledging the horrific abuses carried out by Church and State. 
Please join us @AnnetteMckay15

Monday, 13 August 2018

Amazing collaboration by 796 flemish mothers

A message from Fintan Dunne on FaceBook


The sculpture by Martine Sterck comprises 796 tiny replica babies made by 796 Flemish mothers. This  touching tribute to the Tuam Babies was brought by Sarah Ironside from Brussels and presented to Catherine Corless in Tuam. 

A big thank you to Martine and Sarah and all those who took part in this very striking memorial to the Tuam Babies. You have communicated the reality which the Irish State and Church to this day still do not want to face. You have empowered the battle for justice and helped heal the hearts of those affected. Thank you. Fintan Dunne

Catherine Corless receives the Sculpture