Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Vigil Aunties


Following this path of 
l💚ve over the past two and a half years hasn't been easy. In fact, it's been the most challenging on so many levels as I've really had to investigate the darkest aspects of humanity and therefore myself. 

So much has fallen away. 

Yet what persists is the calling
to go deeper. 

The tug stronger, to follow this trail of tears. 

Luckily, Nuala Flynn, Pauline Cunningham and Val McNamara have been on board since the very beginning; contributing, responding to the 
spaces we are called to inhabit and tuning in to the voiceless ones. 

Their ideas and presence throughout this process is vital to the work unfolding with charm and grace and it's timely to acknowledge their contribution and dedication. 
Thank you. 

Nuala, who has worked with survivors of Industrial School abuse for many years, travels all the way from London to contribute.

Where it will all lead?
Who knows?

Letterfrack Industrial School Graveyard

Letterfrack Industrial School Graveyard


"lOve will find its way. 
It always does, as it envelopes space and time bringing those absent close, reminding you their hidden presence is never lost or forgotten."

An excerpt from the coral diary.

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