Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Chanupa (Sacred pipe) ceremony

Wed. Sept.20th 5pm-10pm
Luimnagh West, Corrandulla, Co.Galway and the Sacred Well, Corrandulla.

There will be an aspect of remembrance and recognition for the Tuam Babies at this talk and ceremony. Canada has a similar legacy which connects both countries and will no doubt make it all the more potent. 

Please phone Sadie Cramer 087 2940458 for more details.

Erika Gagnon is a Canadian ceremonial leader and artist, born in Montreal, Canada of French Canadian, Japanese and Native American ancestry. For 22 years she has walked the Red Path with love, dignity and honor, working with various medicine men and women of the Americas, Indigenous ceremonies and traditions, healing modalities and medicinal plants.

Sixteen years with the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan has allowed her to receive the healing, teachings and direct instructions from the sacred altars of the sweat lodge/temazcal, chanupa (sacred pipe), v
ision quest, Sun Dance and Spirit Dance. She also works extensively with a medicine man and curandero from the Q’ero tradition of the Peruvian Andes. 


A 60-90 minute talk focused on Indigenous wisdom, traditions and ceremonies of the Americas, sacred altars, ancestral lineage, toxic thoughts and energies, and healing practices of gratitude & forgiveness. We will discuss the origins of dis-ease in our physical, mental/emotional & spiritual bodies and the power of intention & prayer as you receive simple healing exercises that you can do on your own. You will be reminded that you are your greatest healer, doctor and medicine.

An additional short talk focused on sacred master plant medicines, and specifically the plant of the tobacco Nicotiana Rustica (Mapacho) is also a part of our night together. Native to the Americas, along with its sister plant medicines of the ayahuasca, peyote and San Pedro, tobacco has been cultivated there for nearly 8,000 years and may the oldest cultivated plant in the New World.

Tobacco is one of the most powerful sacred plant medicines in existence, which is also why it is one of the most abused plant medicines on the planet. . Greek philosopher Paracelsus said “ the dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy” – this is why the tobacco plant should only be used with healing intention, and with a deep prayer and respect for this sacred plant spirit.

This talk will be followed by a sacred liquid tobacco ceremony, where participants are given the opportunity to work directly with the tobacco medicine in a sacred manner for your healing.
This ceremony will offer you the opportunity to cleanse, remove and release any blockages, old unhealthy patterns, memories and traumas, as well as any discordant and destructive energies which may be preventing you from living in your highest authentic being.
The tobacco plant offers clarity, balance and grounding as it helps to re-align your body, mind and spirit, and assists in clearing, opening up and strengthen your direct connection to yourself and your higher purpose in this lifetime.

This ceremony is offered to complement the talk, but you can decide whether or not to participate once you have heard the talk and the ceremony instructions.
This is a relatively short ceremony, and you will be fine to drive and travel shortly afterwards - the length can range from 15 minutes to one hour depending on how many people will be participating. For those who are non-smokers, it will be ingested through the nasal cavity in liquid form, and for those who have quit smoking as well as everyone else, I remind you that this is your opportunity to work with it in a sacred manner. You will not become addicted to tobacco with only one ceremony.

There are many physical benefits to tobacco, all of which will be discussed in the talk, including the clearing of mucous in the sinus passages, but it is not recommended for those with a current serious sinus infection. Other medical contraindications are pregnancy, and/or a serious allergy to tobacco or any other plants in the nightshade family: eggplant, tomatoes, peppers etc… This does not necessarily mean you cannot participate but we suggest you talk to Erika beforehand. For those who prefer not to work with the tobacco Agua Florida, a Peruvian flower water will be offered.

For details of other ceremonies conducted by Erika in Ireland, please contact Deirdre Hannon (R&R therapies) 
Deirdre O’Hannon: at deirdrehannon@hotmail.com or 087-415-7541, 090-649-4928


Suggested Donations:
Sacred Fire Wisdom Talk: 20
Tobacco Master plant talk & ceremony: 20
Both talks & Ceremony: 35

(Please note: The amount that you donate helps to pay for all expenses incurred to bring this work to Ireland. There is a suggested donation but if you are in financial difficulty, you can donate according to your means- no one will be turned away for lack of funds. AYNI in the Quechua languae/Andean tradition means reciprocity – and when participants make a donation it is a reflection of the healing you are wanting to receive, and a good example of reciprocity and energy exchange. Please know that whatever you donate helps ensure that we can continue to offer these healing ceremonies in the future.

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