Sunday, 25 September 2016

Tuam Spirit Babies - Spirit of Nurture

Following on from yesterday's post, I drew this card and feel the need to share it.

The Spirit of Nurture

"I am the Spirit of nurture. I offer protection and a safe, homely place where you might find refuge and access new energy at times of crisis. In me you will find support and encouragement that restore your well being and enable you to move ahead in your life's journey. The sustenance I offer will fortify you and help you to face whatever lies ahead with renewed vigour." 

Nurture provides balm , rest and peace for the soul. Whatever difficulty, loss or pain you encounter; through nurture you will find a sanctuary of warmth, solace and support. Home and family are time honoured sources of such nourishment which may be physically at hand or experienced as spiritual reality even when we are alone and far away. The Spirit of Nurture depicted here as a spirit house, offers a refuge in time of adversity. Here you may recover your strength and gather your thoughts as you prepare to continue on your path. This oasis of peace and love is always available to you.



Shelter  Foundation   Ancestral Strength   Restoration of trial   Renewal   Help in time of need   Support   Strength   Nourishment of body, mind and soul 


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