Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Tuam Spirit Babies- Rurai O'Byrne

5" x 5" Sculpture by Rurai O'Byrne

It was great to finally catch up with Rurai (a friend and mural artist) over a cuppa today and discuss his incredibly potent contribution to our Tuam Spirit Babies Exhibition. Its called  Inner Sense Crucified. When he unwrapped the piece I almost fell backward with the wave of energy that came from it. It's very powerful and there are many references to stigmata, the sacred heart and the beautiful outstretched baby hands offering a crystal heart would melt most people. #Tuamspiritbabies
This is the message that comes with it.

                                                         Inner Sense Crucified
We  Crucify innocence  daily by not  listening to our pure, aspiring, childlike, inner grace. It serves to remind us that we too are sacred. On a journey home to the Mother. 
Stunning. Many thanks to Rurai for taking the time and effort to contribute.

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