Friday, 23 September 2016

Tuam Spirit Babies - Catherine Corless

We briefly looked at the word recognition the other day. 
We've named the project
'Tuam Spirit Babies - A National Art Project Recognising past wrongs,' but we only touched on what recognition is, who do we recognise during this process?

We know it's the mothers, babies and children who were so wrongly mistreated and incarcerated for years upon end.

We need to recognise the fathers whom from the outset never got a chance to be a daddy but also those who fathered children in an abusive way and sent their 'problems' away. Also the fathers of the women who willingly sent their daughters to these institutions.

We need to recognise that there were protectors in these situations but more often than not there were protectors who became predators and then perpetrators.

There is a huge need to recognise that extortionate amounts of money was generated for the religious orders. Babies were stolen and traded.

We need to recognise that largely the general public were 'in the dark' about what went on in these institutions but had their suspicions.

We need to recognise that all levels of society were involved with the vaccination programmes and illegal adoptions in particular. 

Recognition also needs to go those who have tirelessly worked in the background to bring these injustices into the public domain.

Catherine Corless 
The name Catherine means pure and the word Cor relates to the heart. 
Catherine Corless (pure heart) - couldn't be truer.

Catherine Corless with her daughter Adrienne and Grandchild

Catherine Corless - Tuam Shopping Mall

I've had the privilege of meeting Catherine several times now and have found her to be one of the most incredible people I've encountered for sometime. Not only did she painstakingly pursue the truth about the Tuam Mother and Baby Home but prior to her ever having been involved with such a big news story, through her work as a genealogist, Catherine has connected numerous people to their origins, bringing closure to the nightmare of not knowing. What a gift! #Tuamspiritbabies 
Model by Catherine Corless - Photo by Andrew Downes

                                                                              ph: 00353 (0)876391500
Model made by Catherine Corless

Photo by Andrew Downes
                              ph: 00353 (0)876391500
Catherine Corless contribution to our exhibition (no explanation needed)

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