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Tuam Spirit Babies - Missing Mothers

We know from Catherine Corless's findings that five mothers died during their stay at the Tuam Mother and Baby home but their remains cannot be accounted for.dailymail

Mary Hickey died on June 3rd 1961 on the day she gave birth to her baby she was 36 years old. No burial record. Her baby died too.

Mary Joyce died on August 25th 1948 of whooping cough and cardiac failure. There is no 
burial record and she had a baby named Mary.

Bridget O'Reilly, 32 years, died from measles on May 20th 1947. No burial record.

Annie Roughneen, 42 years, died on August 13 1941 from TB. No burial record for her and her baby died only a few weeks before that.

Margaret Henry died of cardiac failure aged 24 years on April 4th 1940, her baby died a few weeks previous to her death. No burial record.

Where are there?

Is it possible that they, like some of the children are buried at the site too?

We also know from the findings from the 'Prime Time' programme 'Anatomy of a Scandal' that large numbers of baby cadavers were sent to medical schools to be dissected (without the mothers prior knowledge or consent.)

Is it a possibility that the mothers remains were sent there too? 
It was a common practice during the workhouse era.

We also know that human organs are traded on the black market now. 
Is it a possibility that this happened to some of the mothers?

We don't know. 

But what we do know is that places like Bolivia used to sell cadavers on the black market. I wrote a thesis back in 1993 focusing on Taboos in art and it observed artists who crossed the line of human decency and directly exploited either themselves or others in their unethical art.
I came across one particular artist named Joel Peter Witkin (I'm deliberately not going to include a link here) who had originally been a war photographer and during his time in this position witnessed and recorded some horrific scenes. It was something he never really got over but instead became obsessed with. All his work featured cadavers which he rearranged and photographed, until they looked like Carravagio 'still life's.' He imported the bodies from Bolivia and he was actually allowed to exhibit the resulting images in art galleries where they were sold. Totally unethical and outrageous, yet somehow was allowed to happen.     

Could this have happened to some of the mothers from the home?
The findings from the homes (nationwide) so far have been of the most sordid and dark kind. If the babies were traded and seen as a commodity then why not the mothers?  Anything's possible. 

These are not allegations but questions.
The vaccine inquiry was halted by the Supreme Court in 2002. Why was that?

Can we really trust the judicial inquiry's procedures and will all of the findings actually be revealed?

We don't know. 
In the mean time, there are questions over the remains of those women, as Catherine Corless has suggested, a dig at the site will yield the best results..‪#‎Tuamspiritbabies‬

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