Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Spirit Babies Support Group

There was such an amazing response to Saturday's workshop both by those who attended and by the many who couldn't. It was a beautiful day and what became apparent, even before we commenced, was the need for continued support for those who have suffered the loss of a baby at whatever stage. So in response, I am setting up a 'Spirit Babies Support Group' which will meet on the first Monday of every  month at the  ‪#‎Innerbeautyholisticcentre‬, Terryland, Galway.
Our first date will be on Thursday 12th November@ 7.30pm followed by Thursday December 10th. Anyone who has had a loss; be it in pregnancy or post pregnancy, whether it be recently or in the distant past, is welcome and as this seems to be a theme that resonates with all women regardless of their experience, I open the invitation to all. 

Given the response locally I've been invited to travel elsewhere with this workshop. If you'd like to propose a venue, please contact me. Sadie Cramer 087 2940458

Here's a response from a lady about my last post and why we need to meet agin and again Xx 

Beautiful read Sadie, best of luck with the day, it sounds so healing and wonderful. I spent 6 months in home for unmarried mothers 34 years ago and had my baby taken from me at six days old... Thankfully I was one of the lucky ones and got her back for good when she was a month old. My profile pic is me, my daughther and now my gorgeous grand daughter. I only took the time in recent years to allow myself the compassion for the trauma of it all heart emoticon xxx Love to you and & your six children xxx

Angel wings made by the ladies at the Spirit Babies workshop

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