Sunday, 8 March 2015

World Book Day visit - Dubray Books, Galway

We've been saying that we'd do a Galway gig for some time, so for Juliette it mean't getting the 'Dawn Bus' from Dublin and travelling through a wonderland of snow (in March) to reach Dubray Books,Shop Street, Galway. As always Mary Esther Judy (Dubray Books) allowed  mayhem to erupt in the form of sprawling children creating masterpieces on the shop floor. She also hosted a fantastic week of activity in the shop where hundreds of National School children (some who might never get a chance to visit a bookshop normally) were treated to talks by exciting authors, storytellers and illustrators and is also set to continue into next week with a visit from Patricia Forde.

We do like to shake things up a little when we've a live audience of youngsters, so as always, there was a bit of screeching (a lot of screeching) and lots of RUDE behaviour 

R - Read
       U - Underline
D - Draw
E - Enjoy

We especially loved seeing SCRUM (a sub character in Chop Chop Mad Cap) come to life right before our eyes. Thanks for the stolen photos Mary ;-0

Juliette Saumande and Sadie Cramer - Dubray Books  Galway

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