Friday, 24 October 2014

Lovely Leitrim Library Visit

It was especially nice to be asked back to Drumshanbo library in Co. Leitrim yesterday. They've made amazing progress in just a few months, the upper part of the library space has now been converted into smart studios for local artists and there is also an events room for visiting speakers etc... It's so inspiring to see public libraries evolving or recreating themselves like this, therefore enhancing community connectivity.

I met St Patrick's and St.Bridget's National Schools yesterday and we were the first to test out the events room (I think we can say we've left our mark there.)
As always, they were a pleasure and the craic was mighty!
Lough Allen

Lough Allen

Senior infants

Very hard work

Children's Book frolics...Children's Book... Children's Fe-Book something or other... 2014

2nd and 3rd class pupils

Halloween frieze
Halloween frieze

Monday, 20 October 2014

Amococo - Architects of air

We all had such a busy week but we did manage to get to see a show and the awe-inspiring Amococo at BaborĂ³ this year. Is it really nine years since we saw Eggopolis? (it's smaller brother). Feeling totally sated and inspired.
Amococo is the most labyrinthine luminarium, featuring as it does 86 triaxial domes and 71 pods that together create a complex of pathways where the visitors may happily lose themselves.
Built in 2008, Amococo’s common visual motif is the ‘oculus’ – an ovoid window that allows light to gently diffuse into the domes. This is most strikingly effective in the cupola of the central dome where the ceiling resonates with iridescent rainbow hues.
Amococo is the luminarium with the potential to be set up in a very long narrow configuration approaching 80 metres in length.