Saturday, 18 October 2014

Clare libraries tour


There's so much I want to say about the incredible work happening in Clare libraries, all under the protective wing of Patricia Fitzgerald (executive librarian). There is connectivity and a wonderful flow which is also very apparent in Meath. What is it that makes everything work so well? Is it vision and dedication or sheer hard work? 
It took so long to edit the photos that I'll save the 'schpeel' for another time. Today I just wish to say, Children of Ireland, I LOVE YOU. YOU TRULY MAKE MY HEART SING!!!
Thank you Kilkee, Kilrush, Six-mile-bridge and Ennis for a wonderful, wonderful time!

Clare library services

Below are photos of the simply stunning Kilkee library

Beautiful Kilkee library

Percent for art contribution in the library courtyard

Looking good

Fantastic balloon sculpture by local artist 

Second class pupils getting creative

Kilkee library also has a state of the art theatre space


This little girl goes to Kilrush library most days with her father., it's her playground. She adores the books and demands attention from all the staff

Exciting ideas forming

Definitely not double trouble

Two gorgeous girls collaborating from different schools

Fantastic 2nd class pupils


Looks spooky on the outside (a perfect setting for Halloween frieze making)

Bet this place looks great at night-Imagine it lit with tea lights

But warm and friendly inside

A beautiful window but a Harry Clarke window once resided in it's place

Chris Haughton's eye catching poster

Six-mile-bridge National School

2nd class children who are definitely 1st class

Halloween frieze


2nd class children from Barefield National School

Spooky Hallloween Frieze

Visit to Dalkey Library - Wed. Oct.15th 2014

It was wonderful to team up with author Juliette Saumande again on Wednesday at Dalkey library. Fourth class Loretto girls were a peachy keen dream to work with and I hope they had as much fun as we did. Keep up the writing and drawing girls!

Clay shop fronts by fifth and sixth class pupils
Juliette and Sadie - courtesy of @DLR_Libraries

Maeve Binchy commemorative garden

Planning stories

Secret plans and clever tricks
Excitement brewing