Monday, 6 January 2014

What did you get told off for the most when you were a child?

What a wonderful Christmas and New Year, shame we couldn't celebrate 'little christmas' (Oiche Nollaig na mBhan) this year, it just doesn't seem right to go back to school and work today. The drive for a more secularised school calendar does make sense but at the expense of losing out on this particular day? Is nothing sacred?

On a different note, just before the holiday someone asked what I was told off for the most as a child. It's a curious question and one I keep revisiting because I like it and if you just take a moment to ask yourself the same question you might find it very revealing. 

So what were you told off for most as a child?

It might be the thing that you've suppressed but has come out nonetheless or maybe it's something you just couldn't curtail. I've asked several people what they were guilty of and heard some very interesting answers. One person said she was told off for 'showing off' all the time, she was an actress for thirty years, she used it to her advantage. Another said for being outspoken, another for saying what was on her mind, for being untidy and stealing were other responses. I was told that maybe it's the essential you and it could be your U.S.P. How then can you translate it into something you can sell to other people now as an adult?

Personally, I was told off for asking too many questions. I stopped for a very long time but what I find as I get older, is that I'm asking more questions than ever and they're getting bigger and more difficult to answer. I've worked with a number of different groups on a variety of projects and in order to find common ground or a theme which resonates with everyone, we will begin with a number of questions and attempt to answer them throughout the project.

Below's an example of some questions which were printed in the Baboró brochure 2011, concerning a multi-media exhibition which was created by 160 children forming an art trail throughout Galway city. The questions are there but we don't necessarily know the answers, does that stop us asking the questions? 

What happens when you elevate the child? 
What happens when their ideas are encouraged? 
What happens when those ideas are realised? 
What happens when those ideas are given a forum? What happens when thousands of other children interact with those ideas?


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