Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Mad Cap in Paris

Centre Culturel Irlandais 

Juliette Saumande and I joined forces to bring our Super Hero D.I.Y workshop to lots of children in Paris (it was really tiresome! but someone had to do it.) Yes, we visited Juliette's home town and endured all sorts of hardship. I blame it on 'Little Island' personally, they're the ones responsible for organising it. Paris-in spring time-such torture!

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Many thanks to the Irish Cultural Centre ( #CentreCulturelIrlandais ) for being the perfect hosts. I don't think I've ever experienced such a trouble free, seamless trip (probably because I didn't organise anything.) Everything flowed all week-end long and we had an absolute ball! Thanks to everyone who made that possible esp. Alexandra Zuddas and the wonderful Sheila Pratschke.

Special thanks to Siobhan Parkinson who lifted my heart on a grey day in November and who sent us to Paris instead of herself (luckily she had another engagement in France on the same day and couldn't make it.)

What better way to experience Paris than with a Parisian! Juliette was the perfect tour guide (told you everything was perfect!) We swept around the city, where i enjoyed snippets of history and lapped up the sights. We rummaged in book shops (where some of Juliette's beautiful books were discovered - what a gal!)

Walking through the Luxemborg gardens at 10.30am we came across some fantastic musicians from the Loreto College. Thinking they were Irish, we ended up talking to their teacher who explained they were from Manchester and had only got into Paris at 3 am that same morning. Amazing to see them singing and playing their hearts out. Well done guys!

We had a truly splendid room for our bi-lingual workshop ( take note we only expect places like this in the future) and were delighted to meet such a wonderful mix of children originally from America, England and Ireland, including: Ida the Glider, Flower girl and Electricity man. There were a few budding authors who took their time constructing stories and enjoyed the mechanics of writing and of course, the super-hero ID cards went down a treat. All in all another very successful work-shop. 

The sun shone, the food was good, the company better. Paris in the Springtime... there's a reason why songs are written about it!

N.B We saw an entire street of students queuing to get into... a library!

I visited the Luxemborg Gardens on Sunday morning at 10.am - everyone was running, I felt silly not running.


Juliette and visitors

Tuam written on the building

Loretto College, Manchester

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