Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Inis Magazine

I received the winter edition of Inis#40 (the Children's Books Ireland magazine) in the post yesterday and what a fantastic, informative, beautiful production it is. Crammed full of riveting articles and the latest reviews (you can find an interview with the Children's Laureate UK- Malorie Blackman), go on a spooky journey with Edward Gorey, or get in playful mode with HervĂ© Tullet. As always, it's thought provoking and well worth €8.00 (it's available in most newsagents and bookshops).
Hats off once again to the editorial team:



At the back, in amongst a sea of wonderful #reviews, you might just find my small contribution:

SIMON AND SCHUSTER 2013 (PBK) 32pp £6.99 ISBN 978-0-85707-8414

If your eyebrows suddenly decided to up and leave, how would you feel? Would you hunt them down or accept the bewildering reality?
Knapman’s zany book investigates one girl (Eleanor’s) quest to find her wandering eyebrows. What are eyebrows for? What kind of adventure could a pair of eyebrows have on their own? These may not be questions you might concern yourself with but having followed the eyebrows on their hilarious journey, I’d thoroughly recommend you read the book and find out. Knapman has a great facility for telling a good yarn and the storytelling’s greatly enhanced by David Tazzyman’s wonderful illustrations.  Children could understand and glean a lot from hearing the book read aloud, without ever seeing the accompanying pictures. But equally, a non-reading child could also gain so much from the illustrations alone, as there’s a lot of visual information to form a coherent over all picture. All in all, one of the funniest and successful picture books I’ve read recently but approach with caution, you could end up laughing your eyebrows off! 0-4, 5-7

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