Saturday, 23 November 2013

Children's Book Festival 2013

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It was a great honour for me to design this year's Children's Book Festival poster/ recommended reads/bookmarks and stickers, many thanks to  Kieran Nolan from for enhancing rather than obliterating my work - the production's stunning and I couldn't be happier with the end result. Even more exciting than #illustrating the poster etc... was being asked to launch this year's festival at Leixlip library (I'm still revelling in the joy of the day and the whole festival, for that matter, which ran for the month of October.) Thank you #ChildrensBooksIreland, I had a blast.

Really enjoyed meeting third class pupils from Scoil San Carlo senior at #Leixlip library. Hope they enjoyed themselves as much as I did.

Leixlip library has to be one of the coolest in the country, not only is it visually stunning but they run great activities all year round. A group of knitters (who used the exhibition space straight after us) who stitch for Crumlin special baby unit, also knit items for Easter egg hunts and toddler waddles which take place in amongst the books in the library. What better way to have exposure to books, than to be literally amongst them from an early age? - inspired! Leixlip library is well worth visiting just to see the building, but as there's a fantastic exhibition of Children's Book Festival posters from 1997 - 2013 for the month of October, it's well worth paying a visit. Some of the photos below are courtesy of #Leixliplibrary.

Sadie Cramer - Illustrator/ facilitator

Sadie Cramer -
Sticker for CBF 2013

Sadie Cramer - Illustator/facilitator
Scoil San Carlo
Sadie Cramer - The scurvy knave

Scoil San Carlo

Scoil San Carlo

Sadie Cramer Illustartor/facilitator
Scoil San Carlo Sadie Cramer

Aoife Murray #childrensbooksireland
Scoil San Carlo
Sadie Cramer, Illustrator/facilitator

Recommended reads

If you do spot a recommended reads somewhere, do pick it up it, it's simply stuffed with amazing books, thanks to the hard work of #SarahWebb, #KimHarte, #IreneBarber, #SíneQuinn, #LizMorris, #EndaWyley, #HelenPower and #SéanODubhchon!  They've done a fantastic job, as they do year after year. If you'd like to order a package, check out:

These sites are well worth browsing also.

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