Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Chariklo - Healing the Divine Feminine

Chariklo, at 150 miles across, the largest of the Centaur asteroids that orbit between Saturn and Uranus was recently discovered to have two rings. The larger ring measures 4 miles wide or 7 km and the outer ring measures 2 miles or 3 km across.
Chariklo the divine aspect of Chiron the wounded healer:

"Contemplating the qualities of Chariklo, and how they express in people's lives, we can notice the following:

  • Gift for creating or holding 'sacred space'
    This can be instinctive, or through learned skills. 
  • A temenos, container or alembic within which the 'work of soul' is facilitated.
  • The theme of boundaries also applies.
  • Ability to witness. With Chariklo strong in a horoscope we find people doing the often 'invisible' work of caring for those who are in transition ... being born, giving birth, dealing with illness or dying. 
  • Chariklo is a midwife. Literally, as in physical birth and death, or metaphorically when we 'die' to an old identity or way of life.
  • deeply yin energy, out of which new yang is born. Recognition of the silent power of this profound receptivity. 
  • We find Chariklo representing a reservoir of compassion, devotion, discernment and presence. Being dutiful, consistent, supportive, forebearing, kindly and nurturing." By Melanie Reinhart   Melanie Reinhart

The symbolism described by Melanie Reinhart resonates hugely at this time.

Chariklo - Healing the Divine Feminine by Aluna Ash