Friday, 28 August 2020

Best wishes to all the newbies

CBI festival image - Sadie Cramer

Best wishes to all the pirates and princesses, superheroes and sailors starting school todayπŸ’™
Good luck to all those returning and big virtual hugs to all the teary eyed parents in these times of uncertainty.

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

The Corrib: Myth , Legend and Folklore

The magical Island of Hy Brasil with three ghost ships.

Really enjoyed illustrating a pamphlet and expo.featuring myth and legend from the River Corrib which is housed in the foyer of the Galway City Museum from July 21st 2020.

Words and idea originated by Brendan McGowan.

Pre-booked tickets can be obtained from Eventbrite via the museum's website:

Enjoy the trailπŸ’—

Red Fox

Mananaan MacLir the Sea God

Current exhibition - Galway City Museum

The Corrib: myth, Legend and Folklore by Sadie Cramer