Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Don't give up on the babies

One year on and nothing done

Last year, during the Pope's visit, thousands of people from all over Ireland, hung pairs of baby shoes at significant religious sites and institutions. Provoking memory and emotion surrounding those who died and survived during their time of suppos├ęd 'care' in religious run institutions. The image of tiny baby shoes hanging from black ribbons was a stark reminder of the constant denial and cover up we are faced with as a society. And that this atrocity happened to the MOST vulnerable in our communities.
One year on, despite the initial excavation results at Tuam revealing, that indeed, there are remains of children and infants at the illegal burial plot under and all over the playground site at the housing estate. Let that just sink in for a minute. People actually live there. The playground is used everyday. Nothing has progressed. The bodies remain where they have been since the news broke over five years ago. 
796 tiny bodies still remain unaccounted for. 
Four women are still missing in relation to this Mother and Baby hell hole. 
What the FUCK is going on? 
The poster above shows a shoe which was found at the site after the initial excavation and is an actual finding documented in a State report by the official archaeologists. 
This is the harsh reality of what's actually buried at the site in Tuam. 
The skeletal remains were also photographed but redacted (obviously) from other images in the report. 
So, we have evidence that there are bodies and that this is an illegal burial ground but 
Where's the outrage?
Where's the action?
Where's the support?
Where's the local and national conversation?

A single, child's blue shoe, lies discarded in the muck. 
And that's the ugly image that remains. 
Get them out of there!!!!!

Please support those fighting for justice and the TRUTH

Sunday 25th August 2019 @2pm
Tuam Babies illegal burial plot, Dublin Road, Tuam.