Thursday, 30 August 2018

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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Crime scene un investigated

A message from Izzy Kamikaze

Very happy & proud to have spent the weekend of with survivors, family member, campaigners, to have launched by declaring the site a crime scene.


Children's bodies lie intermingled in a sewage tank beneath the Children's Home at Tuam, where 796 deaths were recorded. 
We are investigating.

 by Andy Newman

Andy Newman has captured some amazing imagery around Tuam

Vigilance at Letterfrack this Friday night

Between 1887 and 1974, 2,819 boys went through St Joseph's Industrial School Letterfrack in Connemara. 147 children died whilst living there, mostly of severe abuse and neglect. 

This is outdoor gathering, it's not a structured event but symbolically represents sitting up with the children who were abandoned in a cold, loveless place. 

We will not forget.
You will need coats and boots etc...
This particular night will be about listening to what needs to be heard and staying vigilant in the true sense of the word.

     Letterfrack Man by Connie Roberts
      One day I will go to Hampstead heath
      to read his postscript, written in
      oily black ash that Friday in April.
      In that hollowed ground
      where they found him,
      his last meal, 
 a pint and a take-away,
 burnt offerings,
 his overcoat melted to the bone,
 I will stand a long time;
 weep that it took so long for his
 match to spark a revolution.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Pilgrimage to the playground - Silent Vigil

Photo by RTE
The keepers of the playground leading 1,200 people to a brighter future

Bouquet made from Papal mass tickets
Remembering the mothers too