Tuesday, 24 July 2018


Question: Why did Galway County council build the Dublin Road housing estate where it is?

Display and items collected by Denise Gormley from the people of Tuam
A few months ago a survey was conducted to consider what should be done about the former Mother and Baby Home site in Tuam Co.Galway. 

These are the results:
In publishing the report the Minister said:

“Subsequent to the publication of the Expert Technical Group’s (ETG) Report on the Tuam site last December, I asked Galway County Council to facilitate an independent public consultation process in relation to the five possible options presented in their report. The structured consultation process provided a valuable opportunity for the public to more fully engage with this complex technical document and to express their views on the identified options. The report clearly demonstrates the range of expectations, preference and concerns among various stakeholders and the wider community. It is important that we recognise and respect this divergence of sincerely held views”.

Galway County Council received 799 written submissions and hosted a number of facilitated meetings with stakeholders. This high level of engagement is an endorsement of the value and necessity of this process as a key element in our deliberative process. An analysis of the submissions to the consultation found that two options that were clearly favoured by those who made submissions.

Firstly, local residents largely advocated for memorialisation and non-disturbance of the remains. Former residents of the Tuam Mother and Baby Home, along with relatives of former residents, expressed a preference for full forensic excavation of the site along with DNA analysis.

Preferences from members of the general public were almost equally divided between memorialisation alone and some form of forensic excavation and DNA analysis, with the majority in the latter group favouring the most extensive intervention."

At this time, I feel the current narrative is divisive, designed to pit the residents of the Dublin Road Housing Estate against those who have a family member in the chambers. 
This process lacks transparency. 

Missing from the dialogue are the RELIGIOUS ORDERS and the North Galway Coroner Dr.Val Costelloe (a very busy GP) who have all remained silent during this process.

When are we going to hear from them?
Why isn't this horrific scenario being dealt with by the European Supreme Court?

It was interesting to hear people speak their truth at the Ard Ri Hotel Co.Galway last night with overwhelming support from the floor for the excavation of remains. 

And questions raised such as: 
Should this issue be with the department of Justice instead?

The media wasn't permitted in the room during the public consultation but there were a few publicity shots with Minister Zappone. 
If you'd like to see some good comprehensive coverage here's IzzyKamikaze who tweeted a live stream during the meeting. 

See also Adrienne Corless (daughter of Catherine Corless) excellent blogpost entitled its-time-to-excavate-at-at-tuam-now

Tuam Mother and Baby Home is a crime scene. 
Women and children are missing and dead.
This charade has gone on long enough.
This Government needs to do what's right and E-X-C-A-V-A-T-E