Saturday, 21 July 2018

The future has an ancient heart - Carlo Levi

The night before heading off to the Hill of Uisneach (the sacred heart of Ireland) a badger ran out in front of the car and stayed there for many minutes. I've seen my fair share of road kill and my sister swears by badger burgers on the barbie but this was my first sighting of a live one. We live in the depths of the countryside and I'm a country gal, so I've always half expected to see one in the flesh, it's so good to have finally encountered this furry fellow.

Photo by Dick Ahlstrom

Interestingly enough, badgers represent the 'warrior spirit;' sporrans were made from badger pelt and many native Americans would the don the skins to take on the fire of the warrior. Sometimes a badger tooth would adorn the ears for the same reasons or it would be in the pockets of gamblers for good luck. A badger will clamp down on a limb until it hears a bone snap (so the farmers say) so grab a twig and break it should you have the bad luck to encounter one in this way. It should fool him. Badgers were also regarded as the story keepers by ancient peoples and is a beautiful tribute to that side of its character too.
I like one interpretation which tells of walking our own path at our pace and
to trust in our abilities and personal toolkit ignoring what others might say. Digging for the truth is another and so the list goes on...but the overall message is one of PERSISTENCE.

Celtic Sun God Lugh
I thought I was done with this blog post (written yesterday) until I took a card from Doreen Virtue's Ascended Masters oracle this morning. 

The card I drew was PERSISTENCE with the sun God Lugh as the muse. I nearly fell through the floor. The Universe is shouting very loud and clear at the moment, what with the numerological energy of 20/20 on Friday - 20/20 vision and clarity being the energy of the day. 

Ascended Masters Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue
"Through persistent action and positive thinking, your dreams are manifesting into form (in numerology this is also the symbology of 2's and 1's in combination with each other - today is Sunday July 22nd) This is a time for you to stay persistent. Give any discouragement to Lugh and the angels, who will buoy your faith and give you signs of your progress. You're almost there, so keep going. It may help to break large projects into smaller steps so that you'll feel the thrill of accomplishment with each step that you take. Persistence pays off. Stick with it.

Additional meanings 
Overcome procrastination tendencies and take action today
Stick to your priorities and promises
Chip away at your dreams and desires with daily action steps
Stay positive and visualise your dreams as already manifested
Commit to your dreams for the long haul

Lugh is a celtic sun god of harvest time whose name means 'the shining one' His Celtic festival called Lughnasa, is celebrated worldwide at the end of every summer. Legend says that Lugh was renowned as a master of many crafts including art, poetry and healing. Call upon Lugh to help with mastering anything you're learning, a swell as for enjoying bountiful harvests of abundance." Doreen Virtue

Sacred Hawthorn 

The navel of Ireland

The Catstone
The most famous feature on Uisneach is undoubtedly Ail na Mireann (the stone of divisions), known as The Catstone. It is also known as Umbilicus Hinerniae, Axis Mundi and the navel of Ireland. This huge glacial erratic symbolises Ireland, united in its divisions and it marks the centre of Ireland where the provinces came together. It is underneath this stone that √Čiru, after whom the country is named, was laid to rest.

I didn't know much about Uisneach before we left, other than a pull from my heart centre to visit it without too many pre-conceived ideas. It really is a powerful place and I urge you to go and experience it. You won't be disappointed. It's only a week since we were there but it's stirred something deep within, all week I've been dreaming about flaming battles and hearing other worldly tunes in my head. The place of Goddesss Eiru (the Irish name for Ireland) the power of Uisneach is undeniable and the legends you'll hear from Marty Mulligan (storyteller extraordinaire) will fire up your synapses.

Nuff said.
Go see for yourself and connect to the ancient heart. 

The future has an ancient heart - Bog turf with clinging bog cotton 

A bone dry lake

Goddess Eiru