Friday, 1 June 2018

From the heart - candlelight vigil Belfast City Hall

Such a beautiful and deeply emotional evening at Belfast City Hall. 
We heard extremely powerful testimony from three survivors and its potency lingers. 

Peter Mulryan, Rosaleen Rogers Sadie Cramer

We were blessed with an incredible sunny day and so the evening was perfectly dry for circling the building with lit candles (an idea from one of the security guards) 
Many thanks to everyone who took the time and effort to travel all that way  and contribute:

Belfast City Council for their kind generosity in allowing us to use City Hall
Paul who played the Uilleann pipes so movingly throughout
Eunan Duffy
Phil Scraton
Breeda Murphy
Nuala Flynn
Pauline Cunningham 
Val McNamara
Pete Mullins - such powerful contributions from everyone. Thank you. 

Below are some prep photos. I didn't take anymore once the event was in full swing as it never feels right to me but I'm sure some will start to surface in the following days. 

We had the option of setting up outside but it seemed more symbolic to create a site specific installation inside. In the heart of the building. At the heart of civic activity. Not on the fringes where survivors are always kept.   
Bog cotton, turf and candles to represent heart and hearth, all that's buried and the bog meadow babies in Belfast. There's deep healing in peat soil. 

More later. Sadie Xx

From the heart - Belfast City Hall
Entrance hall- Belfast City Hall 
Candles and bog cotton

Home Baby

This is part of a larger body of work from the past two year's engagement with the Tuam Home Survivors and is fragments of testimony from public broadcasts pieced together. A homage to their ongoing quest for justice. 
Please share widely Xx

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