Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The Adoption machine by Paul Jude Redmond

Interview with Miriam O'Callaghan at 10 - 11 am on Sunday the 25th March

Here is the link to hear the interview

Paul Redmond was born in Castlepollard and has just published his book - the Adoption Machine:  The dark history of Ireland's Mother and Baby Homes and the inside story of how Tuam became a global scandal 


The Mother and Baby Homes are the last, the biggest, and the dirtiest secret of Holy Catholic Ireland…this is Ireland’s Holocaust.’– Paul RedmondApproximately 100,000 single mothers lost their babies to forced separation in Ireland since independence in 1922. 35,000 pregnant, single women were sent to nine Mother and Baby Homes, where thousands of their babies and young children died due to wilful neglect and indifference.Castlepollard Mother and Baby Home survivor, Paul Redmond, examines how and why the Mother and Baby Home network was built and how it transformed into a ruthless and efficient money-making machine, harvesting up to 97% of all babies born outside marriage, with many used as ‘guinea pigs’ for pharmaceutical research. The religious orders effectively generated up to €40m revenue (today’s terms) from selling Irish babies to local and overseas arranged adoptions. Redmond, in a deeply personal and passionate voice, examines the history of Ireland’s ‘Adoption Machine’ ahead of the anticipated findings from the Commission of Inquiry into Ireland's Mother and Baby Homes, interweaving his own powerful story of uncovering his past and his ongoing activism, to help others who have experienced the same.The Adoption Machine is a compelling, emotional and damning indictment of the Catholic church in Ireland and it’s failing of the women and children in their care.