Sunday, 11 March 2018

Mother's Day 2018

Lilac memorial rose for my own mother
Today's Mother's Day, the sun's shining and yet again, I'm the happy recipient of cards, gifts and a great deal of love from my beautiful family. I'm very grateful to be blessed with such a life but my heart also goes out to those today who don't have the opportunity to share such simple pleasures. 

Having been fully immersed in the wrong doings of the former Mother and Baby Homes both here in Ireland and abroad for the past two years, my mind goes to the five mothers who are currently missing from the former Tuam Mother and Baby Home. During the week; Survivors, Residents and the General public were asked to engage in 'consultations on the options and appropriate courses of actions available to Government at the site of the former Tuam Home, Co.Galway' and asked to fill out (in my view) an inappropriate form. 

See scanned image below. 

In my view (and many others also share this opinion) the site at Tuam is a crime scene. 
If it was treated accordingly, the site would have been sealed off properly and there would be a full criminal investigation into the goings on rather than a ridiculous charade of a voting process. 
Many crimes were committed against those who died and survived their time in the Mother and Baby Home:

Forced and illegal adoptions
Vaccine trials without consent from the birth mothers
Child trafficking
Starvation and malnutrition 
Deprivation on all levels, emotional, psychological, social, spiritual and physical
Falsification of documents
and all sorts of abuse

For those who died; they were discarded, and in some cases, used as cadavers by medical students. All these crimes have been well established through countless testimony and investigative journalism. 
All these acts were perpetrated by the religious on young children and babies. 

But what of the five missing mothers?

Today, a family, a community, is still at a loss not knowing where those women are. 
Five mothers could be lying below the playground at the Tuam site having undergone a sinister end but the point is, we simply don't know what happened or if they are actually there or not.

What did happen to them?
Where are they?
How did they die?
How did those children die?
What really happened in those homes? 

The expert technical group have identified five options available to deal with the human remains at the site of the former Mother and Baby Home, Tuam ( this has been criticised as a voting process similar to the Eurovision song contest and an over emphasis on the costs):

1. Memorialisation
2. Exhumation of known human remains
3. Forensic excavation and recovery of known human remains 
4. Forensic excavation and recovery of human remains with further evaluation/excavation of other areas of interest.
5. Forensic excavation of the total available area.

I have gone along with this process as I believe number five is the preferred option but I also think the whole process is a farce.
Murder investigations do not endorse a public voting system. 
The general public are not asked what course of action should be pursued if a person goes missing. Yet, five mothers who had lives and loves have simply disappeared without trace. 
Death certificates exist but where are their remains?  

Many questions persist, a forensic excavation of the total available area would go some way to finding out some of the answers but What happens if the Government, who will be handed the forms from the facilitators (not the Council) come back and say they have received 300 requesting full excavation and 415 asking for memoralisation?  
How do we confirm that those numbers are correct?
This is not a transparent process and therein lies the problem.

Submissions should be made by email to: 

or by post:

Tuam Consultation,
C/O Galway County Council, 
Áras an Chontae, 
Prospect hill, 
H91 H6KX, 

Closing date for submissions: 4pm on Friday 16th March 2018

Flowers for Magdalenes also takes place at Bohermore cemetery, Galway today at 2pm.

This is a memorial for women, who quite often, were incarcerated for life in the notorious Magdalene laundries for the supposed 'moral crime' of having or being a baby out of wedlock and who also simply disappeared from society, often without a trace.

These are CRIMES against innocents, nothing else and should be treated accordingly.



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