Saturday, 16 December 2017

Remember your Sacred Heart this Christmas

This is utterly incredible!!!!!! Jut spent the last five mins.shaking and crying with the emotion of this. What support!!

I paint the side of my house every year for Christmas with Santa for the children. This year 'for the Children', I wanted to bring awareness to the 'Survivors helping Survivors' in Tuam. Tuam Home Survivors Network launches to night in the Correlea Court Hotel this Saturday 16th December all welcome also there will be a screening of 'Mother and Baby' by from 6pm. 

We heal the past in the present, and this terrible episode in the past is on 'My House', to be healed in the light of this Christmas Present. Through my tears as I type I Pray, God be with the ones that can't be with God.

Monday, 11 December 2017

All welcome.
A fantastic opportunity to see the amazing Sharon Murphy (the Voice UK) live at 3.30pm in the restaurant at the Corralea Court Hotel this Saturday 16th December.
Also meet the producers: Mia Mullarkey and Alice McDowell and see the award-winning 'Mother and Baby' by Ishka films in the upstairs room from 6pm.