Friday, 3 February 2017

The forget-me-not-fairy

Where do fairy babies lie
Till they're old enough to fly?
Here's a likely place, I think, 
'Mid these flowers, blue and pink,
(pink for girls and blue for boys:
Pretty things for babies' toys!)
Let us peep now, gently. Why, 
Fairy baby, here you lie!
Kicking there, with no one by,
baby dear, how good you lie!
All alone, but, you're not -
You could never be - forgot!
O how glad I am I've found you,
With Forget-me-nots around you,
Blue, the colour of the sky!
Fairy baby, Hushaby! 
~by Cicely Mary Barker~
Forget-me-not energy - True Love

Remembering all babies lost. Painting-Ciceley Mary Barker(1895-1973)#BonSecours  #tuambabies #tuamspirtbabies  #februarymonthofthefae

Monday, 30 January 2017

Blessings from Brigid - Triple Goddess and Saint

Goddess Brigid - By Sadie Cramer

Here's an illustration I did last year but am circulating for the first time to celebrate Imbolc - (pronounced Im- olc) - which means ewe's milk. Lambing season is on it's way and the first signs of Spring is in the ewe's milk.

I dedicate this image to all you:
Flame haired beauties (male and female)
Plants people
Fire starters
Well keepers
Snake charmers
and expectant mothers

Brigid's gifts are light, knowledge and a gentle shove in the right direction. 
Her feast day is on Feb.1st. 

Limited edition giclee prints available to order - 25cm x 50cm @€50.00 + p&p please ring Sadie Cramer - 087 2940458 to place an order.