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Accountability still Missing from the Irish Catholic Church.

This post is by Owen Felix O'Neil. 

                               Accountability still Missing from the Irish Catholic Church.
The sexual abuse and rape of millions of children worldwide by Clerics of the Catholic Church is arguably the most acute crisis Catholicism has faced since the Reformation. The prevalence of Clergy sexual abuse and rape and its shocking cover-up by senior Church Officials have obscured the largely untold story of the legal system’s remarkable success in bringing the scandal to light, focusing attention on the need for institutional reform, and spurring Church Leaders and public officials into action. 

Cardinal Newman famously said in 1865;-
“The Catholic Church holds it better for the Sun and Moon to drop from Heaven, for the earth to fail, and for all the many millions on it to die from starvation in extremest agony … than that one soul, I will not say, should be lost, but should commit one single venial sin, should tell one wilful untruth, or should steal one poor farthing without excuse”.

And as the great late Christopher Hitchens  paraphrased;- 

“As we have recently been forcibly reminded, the Irish Catholic Church holds it better for the cries of raped and violated children to be ignored, and for the excuses and alibis of their rapists and torturers indulged, and for a host of dirty and wilful untruths to be manufactured wholesale, and for the funds raised ostensibly for the poor to be paid out in hush money and shameful bribery, rather than that one tiny indignity or inconvenience be visited on the robed majesty of a man-made church or any limit set to its self-proclaimed right to be judge in its own cause”.

The Roman Catholic authorities from Ireland to Germany to Australia to Belgium to the United States and Canada were being confronted with the fallout of decades of sexual rape, murder, floggings, and slavery and their subsequent denials. Worse still and closer to home the putrid state of the Catholic Church in Ireland and why was this not considered a matter for the Irish police and the Irish courts? Why had almost no offending Catholic Priest, Nun or Bishop faced justice, and even then usually after a long period of protection from the Catholic Church's own "courts"? (Canon Law)

The Irish Police must rise from their notorious lethargy and raid some ecclesiastical offices, Convents and Industrial Schools in search of evidence that’s being concealed, the evidence of the murder, attempted murder, rape, beatings and torture of thousands of women and children in its care. In addition the concealment of thousands of more bodies of babies and their mothers in unmarked graves, and septic tanks on its premises, Convents, Hospitals, Mother and Baby Homes, Magdalene Laundries  and Industrial Schools in Ireland. A little application of simple earthly justice is all that is required to correct the gross transgressions, misdeeds of the unrestrained Irish Catholic Church. If we take another Institution like say “McDonald’s" which has 82 outlets in Ireland and if one or two babies bodies were found flushed in its septic tanks, or buried in a secret grave in its parking lots, all the “McDonald's" in Ireland would be closed immediately, and all the McDonald managers prosecuted and jailed within a few weeks. The righteous public outrage, fury and resentful anger would be world-wide, McDonalds and the McDonald brand would be destroyed forever, but not the unimpeded Catholic Church. Yet the unhampered, murderous Irish Catholic Church has thousands of babies and women flushed in its septic tanks, and buried in secret graves on their many premises, well over two hundred Institutions in Ireland alone, and nothing happens, and I mean nothing. What the heck is wrong here!! why is this even allowed. 
The degenerate Irish Catholic Church still fails to completely comprehend the depth of spiritual and mental damage done to Survivors. The truth is simple, the courage and resilience of the ordinary Survivors shines through as good, decent people who cannot comprehend why they were being treated and continually, mentally raped, humiliated and violated again and again by the same immoral Irish Catholic Church. For many of the Magdalene women and their children, the memory was something they sublimated and never spoke about to their husbands, partners or their children. In reality many callow Irish Catholic Priests were serial rapist, even pedophiles while their counterparts the Nuns, who many were sadistic, frustrated virgin women, who derived pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, and humiliation on fellow women and their children. Many Survivors were more or less told by either a Nun or Priest or Religious Brother, “You are in my power now. So think about that and behave accordingly.” as they were been sexually abused by the Clerics. To this day, many Survivors are living in constant fright and fear of their past, their present and their future. 
 In the Irish Industrial Schools sexual assault, rape, and floggings were carried out in a sickeningly systematic manner by the Irish Christian Brothers. The hideous spectre of multiple rape was condoned and carried out by the Irish Catholic Church, in most Religious run Institutions in Ireland. Rape was often accompanied by torture and floggings and in some cases, the child was bludgeoned to death. The raging violence by some within the Religious Orders was undiscriminating. The insistence on the Christian Brothers watching the rapes were deliberate Industrial School policy, intended 'to underline the humiliation’ on the boy and the boys forced to watch the humiliation. The Christian Brothers eliminated pity, and abandoned any constraint in the Religious run Institutions they oversaw, human decency was ripped up and underlying all this foul inhumanity was the cheering Irish Catholic Church.
The privileged status of Priests, Nuns and other Religious Orders in the Irish community, put all of them “on a pedestal” and in positions of power and trust, in which the Irish Religious Orders took full advantage of, as they roamed the Irish countryside like wolf packs, the Catholic Church’s army of clerical rapists, to rape, kidnap, torture and sexual abused at will, and under the clear protection of their Church, atrocities so terrible were openly committed in the Religious run Institutions. In the eyes of women and children and many within the Irish population, the Irish Clerics represented God. The Irish Clergy, particularly in practicing celibacy, prevented them, the Clergy from maturing emotionally, sexually and psychologically. The rape, beating, torture and murder, is a testament of the brutality committed by the Religious Orders on the children found, dumped into Ireland’s secret graves and septic tanks and is our “national shame” . The issues of religious freedom” does not give the Catholic Church the right to sexually abuse children or even the right to murder children. It is not a sacred duty or trust to rape and murder children, Melbourne Archbishop says he'd rather go to jail than report child abuse heard in confession. 
Confession, the Archbishop added, was “perhaps the only opportunity where a person who has raped a child, can seek absolution, without the fear of arrest or imprisonment, and also where a pedophile has an opportunity for broader advice,”.  And another Catholic Archbishop, from Brisbane in Australia said “the relationship between priest and penitent in the sacrament of penance is unlike any other relationship, because the penitent speaks not to the priest but to God, with the priest only a mediator”.
What the two Archbishops said speaks for itself, it’s craven, from feeble minds, but let’s be clear here what Survivors are seeking, is recognition of their suffering, validation of the facts in their horrendous sufferings, and belief in their word against powerful persons or Religious Institutions and structures that denied, defied, and at times humiliated and abused them further. An apology would have been comforting and healing, but a regretful acknowledgement is not nearly enough, Survivors pleas and pain were never heard. “Never before has the Irish legal system played such an influential role in educating the Irish public and encouraging massive change in the way children are protected.” The fight is never easy, the resistance and denial from the Irish Bishops, Irish Cardinals has proved truly Machiavellian. There is no question that the Survivors justice organisations made a difference, their cases brought to civil and criminal litigation, and Irish and International media accounts blasted into public attention were the driving forces that has resulted in whatever positive movement Irish Catholic authorities have taken. There is still no clear, moral, and independent leadership from within the Irish Catholic Church moving it toward with full transparency and accountability. But the legal system has held Irish Catholic Religious Institutional ‘feet to the fire’ by exposing pleadings, depositions, and documents that extricated a refined “confession” of an institution in moral meltdown. As a American Catholic Priest said;- "The church will not change until it is faced with bankruptcy.
Hugh payments have caught the Irish Catholic Church’s attention, but the Clerics continue to resist basic reforms even under the pressure of threatened bankruptcy. Money is the  real issue for the Irish Catholic Church that is a renewal resource. But the pressure of the legal system that will continue to hold Irish Bishops accountable for their behaviour, that of Catholic Priests, Nuns and employees holds continued promise of eventual inevitable reform of a system co opted by its dedication to image and secrecy. An evil undiscovered is an evil unpunished. We need to know this, that the Irish Catholic Church is now truly in a constant state of fear, in which there is no escape. The Irish Catholic Church are now trapped in a nightmare of their own lies.
Their past misdeeds are slowly been discovered, fear was a thing that the Irish Catholic Church hardly knew, itself, yet fear and loathing it unleashed, ruthlessly and held over the Irish population like the personification of death itself, it preached religious intolerance, parochialism, and false dogmatism. The authoritarianism of the Catholic Hierarchy was seen as grim reapers with their verbal fanaticism, lay as a dead chauvinism on the strangled throat of Ireland.  A solemn-looking Catholic Church, as in its zealotry of the narcissistic Religious Orders, The dangers of religious fanaticism in Priests, fulfils the role of the psychopomp, carrying a scythe, many are often seen en masse, waiting outside every home of the dying, to rip the vulnerable person’s soul violently from its still living body, as though they were harvesting grain. 
You see fear has finally come to the unscrupulous Irish Catholic Church, and it has come to stay, to grow and will keep on growing, devouring, coming into existence and developing as more and more salacious details with their factitious disorders imposed on a whole population. You see their sin is a spiritual and moral malignancy, which is now the dry rot at the heart of the decadent Irish Catholic Church, truth marches forward. For truly the game is up, the plays were made, by their pathological lies, that exhibit arousal, stress and guilt from their constant deception. Fear clings to the immoral Irish Catholic Church like a cement overcoat, a death shadow across the land, fear of the footsteps in the dark, fear of retribution in all forms. In reality, fear will turn their hateful world upside down and into a living hell, but a silhouette of brave Survivors are stepping into the light of truth, out of darkness cometh light, with self realisation and enlightenment, in this way the shackles of evil falls apart as Survivors have discovered their voices in the invigorating light, that is truth, all have horrendous stories to tell and a willing public ready to listen and re- examine the evil that was and is the licentious Irish Catholic Church. 
Owen Felix O’Neill

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