Thursday, 28 September 2017

Swan Medicine

Swan medicine. The swan is making it's presence known again.

Swan medicine.

Lilian van Eyken Homeopathy
42 mins
 SWAN remedy Cygnus Cygnus
The Swan remedy is another Bird Remedy in Homeopathy which is not that well known . However I use it quite a bit in my practice.
First of all it is a remedy use for deep seated grief.
Feeling of being abandoned , isolation and grief .
There is a feeling of having been betrayed, and the pain is felt in the chest, Lung-energy in Chinese medicine !
They feel like the chest is full of tears, or like they have a hole in their chest, emptiness.
It is a remedy also very good for transition and transformation in life, puberty, menopause, birth , death.
It is a remedy for cleansing, and clearing out negative energies in life.
I have often seen people totally transform the way they look after having been given this remedy.
It helps you to connect with the pain, but also to transform into gratefulness of daily life.
It helps to connect with joy, accept limitations, and trust more.
Often these patients will sob and sigh often.....
A beautiful and deep transformational remedy.
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