Monday, 4 September 2017

Finest Flower (live)

Ciara's interview on Irish Times

Finest Flower is based on the story of a mother in a mother and baby home (inspired by the 1998 documentary Sex In A Cold Climate). Let The Rain Fall, meanwhile, chart’s Sidine’s frustration around the manner in which the Catholic Church is dealing with the fallout from allegations of child sexual abuse.
“I think some item in the news sent me into a rage,” she recalls with a smile. “It’s about talking the talk, and basically what you have is a situation where the right noises are being made, but the right actions are not happening.”
On Trouble Come Find Me, meanwhile, Ciara offers a take on women’s bodily autonomy and changes to reproductive rights laws. It’s no surprise, given she is a founding member of Midwives for Choice, an organisation made up of midwives and the women who use their services, who want to advance quality care in reproductive and maternal health.
“I guess the song is a call to action (around repealing the Eight Amendment),” she says, “It’s only through this trouble and struggle that everything can change. The Eight Amendment is more far reaching than abortion – it affects every woman that gives birth.”
on her website:
‘My Finest Flower’ – an ode to survivors of Mother and Baby Homes and Magdalene Laundries – seeks to honour those women whose babies were taken from then against their will, and the bond that could never be broken. ‘Let the Rain Fall’ expresses a sense of emotional loss in response to the truth-evading tactics of religious institutions in the face of abuse scandals; and ‘Trouble Come Find Me’ is a call for sisterly unity in the fight for equality and the reclamation of feminine power. 


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