Friday, 22 September 2017

Chanupa Ceremony

From left to right Sadie Cramer, Erika Gagnon and Deirdre Hannon
The chanupa ceremony was so rich and multi faceted that I think it'll take several posts to convey the extent of it all but to begin with; the 'GREETING and THANKS' prayer that was said was so beautiful, it's worth sharing:

GREETINGS and THANKS to each other as people😚

TO THE EARTH mother of all, greetings and thanks🌎🌍🌏🌐

to all the waters WATERFALLS & RAIN RIVERS & OCEANS, greetings and thanks
to all the FISH LIFE, greetings and thanks🐬

the grains and greens, BEANS and BERRIES 🍒as one we send thanks to FOOD PLANTS🌾

MEDICINE HERBS of the world and their keepers, GREETINGS & THANKS🌱

TO ALL ANIMALS & their teachings, greetings and thanks🐶🐷

THE TREES for shelter and shade, fruit and beauty, greetings and thanks🌳

TO ALL BIRDS large and small, joyful greetings & thanks🐓

and from the four directions THE FOUR WINDS thank you for purifying the air we breathe and giving us strength GREETINGS🌀

THE THUNDERERS our grandfathers in the sky. We hear your voices, GREETINGS & THANKS⛈

and now THE SUN for the light of a new day and all the fires of life, GREETINGS and THANKS🌞

to our oldest grandmother THE MOON leader of women all over the world🌛

AND THE STARS for their mystery, beauty and guidance GREETINGS & THANKS☆★

TO OUR TEACHERS from all times reminding us of how to live in harmony GREETINGS & THANKS

AND FOR ALL the gifts of creation for all the love around us 💕GREETINGS and THANKS

and for that which is forgotten




GREETINGS and THANKS to the natural world - daily thanksgiving by the Onondaga Nation, Haudenosaunee

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