Thursday, 6 April 2017

Liberation from the past

(A summary of key aspects from Kaypacha's video) and food for thought.

If we can learn to interpret the events of the past we can liberate our futures. 

We cannot transform what happened in the past but we can transform our attitude and what we take out of the experience. Horrific things happened all over Ireland and we could easily stay in a place of blame, victimhood and resentment. That helps nobody, least of all ourselves but we can: 
Re flect, 
Re evaluate, 
Re member 
Re volt - (positive energy from the planetary retrogrades we are currently experiencing.) 

The future meets the past in the now. We know that but we can also expand into the future and the past at the same time making the NOW much more potent. 

Some probing questions which will help us move into the next phase:
What is moral?
What is ethical?
What is natural?
and What is true?
It always comes back to TRUTH.

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