Saturday, 11 February 2017

Tuam as metaphor

Interesting that February is month of the fae (nature spirits, the good people, sidhe/shee,  elementals) whatever you wish to describe as earth magick. 

It is especially interesting that right at this time, when we're naturally tuning in to the optimistic signs of Spring and seeing, once more, the miracles of life budding all around us, that we are also experiencing some major astrological shifts. Yesterday (Feb10th) was the first of two eclipses that are to occur during this month!!! The next is a solar eclipse on Feb.26th. That's some very powerful energy coming at us when you consider that the effects of an eclipse last for over six months.

Yesterday was a lunar eclipse which is really about releasing, resolving and letting go of ALL that shit! But in order to do so, we have to be prepared to delve deep and bring to the surface those ugly buried truths which have been causing so much discomfort, really seeing them for what they are, then LETTING THEM GO! Follow your own guidance how best to do this but this is also a really great time to see a counsellor or healer. 

The timing of this is also very powerful in terms of what's happening in Tuam (a second excavation is occurring right now-during a lunar eclipse). Tuam as I've mentioned many times on this blog before, comes from the word Tumulus (burial mound) and therefore represents all burial mounds and hidden truths. A second excavation means that something of significance was found at the first and the 'diggers' have now returned to 
delve deeper and bring to the surface that which has been buried for so long. What that will reveal (there'll be many revelations over the next few months) will be hugely significant in terms of how this whole inquiry is finally delivered but in the context of other revelations (the serious injustices  racked up against ex-garda Maurice McCabe for example) anything can happen or be revealed and that includes other dimensions. People will start to see things as they really are. The veils are finally dropping. 

The next eclipse will occur at the end of the month, that's a two week time frame. We don't know how long the dig in Tuam will go on for but it's hugely significant that all of this happening at once. The fae and the babies (those who died prematurely or were buried in secrecy at the margins or boundaries) inhabit the same place as each other, unbaptised babies especially were often buried near walls or in faery mounds and so the two whilst being very separate frequencies are fairly intertwined. Both were cast out over the last century and remained hidden but both are anarchistic by nature and are beginning to demand attention (more on this tomorrow.) As stated, we're moving into a powerful new phase and if we take the symbolism of Tuam and delve into our own hidden depths and are prepared to transmute our own stuff, then we can really step into the power of what the solar eclipse has to offer later this month.

Connecting to nature and the fae will help immensely with the process.#tuamspiritbabies #tuambabies #februarymonthofthefae

*Sidhe - are earthen mounds which in Irish folklore are believed to be the home of the Aos Sí (The people of the mounds) The sidhe are considered to be a distinct race, quite separate from humans. Feadh -ree a modification of the word peri.

Ban Shee - a woman of the faery mound is a female spirit who heralds the death of a loved one by shrieking or keening. The Ban shee like the babies and the rest of the fae were demonised and cast out.


  1. Hi Sadie just found your blog,are you still doing
    Project on tuam babies?would love to hear more.
    I'm spiritually aware my self and believe these purging energy's have been intense.yes truth will out!I think the project is excellent idea. But was wondering if its on going like this sad case.

  2. Hello. Phase one finished at the end of November and whilst I'd love to embark on Phase two, things in Tuam are quite volatile.