Sunday, 12 February 2017

Truth + Trust = Thrust

As mentioned before, we're in between two eclipses,the lunar eclipse which was on Fri.10th Feb and the solar eclipse which will take place on Sun.26th Feb. It's a really good time to release, review, resolve, purge and cleanse all those harboured issues but also some of the self-limiting attitudes we all have too, such as self-sabotage and fear.

In light of the revelations concerning Sgt.Maurice McCabe (they'll be many more to come), there's still so much fear being generated around truth telling. Telling the truth it seems, has dire consequence and the example set by Maurice McCabe, whilst admirable, has had a drastic affect on both himself and his family.
Is it worth It? We might ask ourselves. 
I believe it is. 
He has exposed many truths during the process of 'whistleblowing' and whilst he's presently in a place of suffering as a direct result of the high price he's paid, things will shift for us all as a society because of his actions.

With that in mind I was also thinking about truths I need to tell about myself; the person who has always seen, felt, heard and experienced different dimensions and the spirit world. I've had so much fear about fully accepting and talking about the 'second sight' I have. Whilst I've shared this with a certain amount of people, I don't tell everyone. Why is that? 
Pure fear.
Fear of being roasted...committed or ostracised. Unfounded fears that have come from the experience I had as as child; that seeing and hearing things that other people can't perceive will land me in trouble like a psychiatric unit. My mother was Schizophrenic but also very psychic and it's been a difficult process for me to undo the correlation between the two. That said, we're moving into a new energy and because this energy is eclipse energy right now, it won't be too long before others, who might never have experienced different realities also start to see and feel things for the first time. Luckily, I know other people who are clairvoyant etc..(we have a way of finding each other) but I also feel that it's about time I 'came out,' so to speak. It kind of gives permission for others to do the same and it feels good.

When the news about the Tuam Babies hit the headlines over two years ago, the story stayed with me and didn't go away. A restlessness about it was always in the background. My sleep was infiltrated by the babies and many signs and visions came my way. Then one significant day whilst I was at a healing workshop (many people are working on these issues behind the scenes) the ground in the room we were working in opened up and I could see hundreds of tiny baby arms reaching up, clamouring for attention and in the midst of it, hoards of elemental-faery creatures flying about and away from the baby arms. This was as clear as day and went on for many minutes. At the time, I didn't know what it all mean't or why I was being shown such imagery but over time, I've understood that it was the first real vision(of this particular kind)to jolt me into action. Afterwards, I was shown many different things and given steps to follow. There was choice, I wasn't coaxed into doing anything but always kept an open heart rather than using my logical mind which would have led me nowhere. The babies are a collective, they come in as one unified force- 'The Spirit of Baby'. They originally showed themselves as individuals (so I could understand who they were) and their spirit is exactly like that of a new born baby-anarchistic (they do their own thing-they're lawless) they wake me up during the night with their persistence but are loving and joyful in return.

I see most of the Spirit world: people who have passed over, living people in spirit form, star beings, animal spirits, elementals (faery) and other bizarre stuff that I have no clue about. They visit whenever they want, which is most days. I don't demand anything from them and vice versa. I just try to keep an open heart which is the hard bit whenever a new energy form presents.  

That's probably enough about that for the time being. It's fantastic to finally say it  :-)

Who are we not to confidently embrace our gifts and share them with the world? 

Currently I'm in a state of Truth + Trust = Thrust and so far I haven't been burned at the stake for it.

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