Saturday, 14 January 2017


I started blogging about the 'Tuam Babies' back in April, up until that point this space had been about documenting art projects and school visits predominately and about 6,000 people had visited. I took a break from writing after the 'Tuam Spirit Babies' exhibition wound up at the end of November in order to reflect and recoup and it's only now that I realise the total of visitors is at 33,091. 
That's staggering!!!! 

All I can surmise is that there is still a huge interest in the injustices that took place against women and children in this country and just want to take the opportunity to thank you for your support by just visiting this space. 

Certain ideas are beginning to brew in relation to this work but nothing will proceed until there is confirmation and synchronicity. In the meantime I'll leave you with this poem which was sent by Nuala Flynn who works with survivors in London and is so apt.

We are the children of light, 
Wise, not companioned
By goats
In a condemned graveyard.

Backward blowing
Blizzards of memory
Flatten out
The genealogies.

But here a point,
The objective essence
We work in.
We shall not drink from the stink-pots.

Gospel spread
With tin shovels,
We are this generation.
-Patrick Kavanagh

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