Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Tuam Spirit babies- Painting the town RED confessions of a graffiti artist

By ROORii www.featurewalls.ie/

The TRUTH is out! Phew!!!! #Tuamspiritbabies

The TRUTH is out! Painting the town RED. Confessions of a graffiti artist.

Criminal behaviour that's what it is.

'So I couldn't sleep with the guilt, when I finally woke up! I had to confess. It was me that graffitied the N17 billboard.  

It's now advertising the Wednesday night candlelit vigil at the 'Home Babies Burial Grounds' Tuam.

Please please share this post and let the Truth be known.

This Wednesday 2nd Nov, bring the family for candlelight procession for the memory of the gentle beings that were buried in secret unmarked graves.

My Son Joshua asked me "Daddy did you get permission? to paint that love heart"

I did I told him but not from my head, it was from my Heart.'

ROORii a father and concerned parent.❣️

Tuam Spirit Babies - Patsy McNamara

By Patsy McNamara

Patsy's piece for the Tuam Spirit Babies exhibition packs a punch and there's very little need for explanation. Great art communicates right to the gut. Thank you Patsy for your contribution.

Mega thanks to Patsy also for taking the time and effort to spread the word and ask people for money (a very difficult task in my mind.) What a SUPERSTAR!!!
It’s so appreciated. Thank you Patsy.

A huge THANKYOU to everyone who contributed to the collection for the candles at Medtronic, your input is greatly appreciated and a sticker with your name on it will go on the underside (unfortunately I cut up all the sheets with the names on them before I thought to scan them.) Each candle represents someone who died at the ‘Home’ but will also connect you to the person who lights or eventually carries it. Each candle could therefore, have at least four people connected to it. Beautiful!
Families are especially welcome to the Candlelight Vigil on Wednesday 2nd November at 7pm. It's vitally important that children are present. There'll be a procession to the Town Hall where there'll be a few speeches and then refreshments will be served at the Corralea Hotel opposite. All welcome. 

The premiere of the film ‘Children of Shame’ will also be shown in the Town Hall after the speeches @8.30 pm approx. for adults who wish to stay on and view it. Many thanks.  

Tons of boxes filling the studio floor but as it says on the side - Comfort. That's a lovely sentiment and hopefully people will receive a little comfort from each candle as they carry it. #Tuamspiritbabies

Tuam Spirit Babies - Mark Hand


This powerful image is by Mark Hand (Furniture designer, artist and also my long suffering husband of twenty one years.)

Mark wants to convey the fact that thousands of babies were snatched from their mothers without their consent and sold to couples from the USA predominantly. This was a crime against humanity known world wide as 'child trafficking' and is yet to be addressed by the Religious or the State. A crime in itself.

Mark has been heavily involved in this project on all levels and will hang the exhibition for us later today/tomorrow. His input is invaluable and his support throughout unwavering. 
Huge Thanks to Mark for everything he's done and will continue to do to campaign for the pure and innocent. #Tuamspiritbabies

Monday, 31 October 2016

Tuam Spirit Babies - Sarah Morrissey

Sarah Morrissey 
Many people have contributed to the Tuam Spirit Babies project and have helped or are helping with the organisation of the Candlelight Vigil. Sarah Morrissey is another person who's been there right from the beginning; helping to develop ideas. It was her idea to do the actual walk from the playground to the Town hall -(a kind of darkness into light.) She was also very busy collecting monies for the candles (there'll be 400+ displayed in a heart shape in the centre of the playground.) Many people bought a candle (the names are displayed below) we decided it was best to go to to two big institutions to ask for money from people, that way the word would spread and it'd have more impact. Sarah works in NUIG. Huge thanks to Sarah. #Tuamspiritbabies

Red candles for the vigil
Thank You

Many thanks to everyone who took the time and effort to help with the candle contribution, your help was invaluable.