Saturday, 29 October 2016

Tuam Spirit Babies - Val McNamara

Round and round we go... by Val McNamara
Many, many people have been involved with this project and the organisation of the vigil behind the scenes and Val McNamara is someone who has been at the helm of things, for the past six months. Her support, healing help and wisdom have been invaluable to the process and her presence at the Tuam Shopping Mall (there were three visits) was a source  of comfort to all who met her. Thank you.

Val told me that her piece reflects the older children who were incarcerated in the institutions and who often had to make the rosary beads for sale. 
Who benefitted from the proceeds? 
Certainly not the children...
A very potent piece, the endless rhyming aspect has a certain nightmarish yet playful quality about it, which again,is very powerful.

Val also added,"The idea of going round and round is also like the celtic spiral, round and round, yet back through time to a time when spiritual practices were more pure and not tainted by religious rituals."

Val McNamara pictured in the centre with Pauline Cunningham

Val McNamara left with pauline Cunningham
Val will lead a small ceremony at the summit of Knockma on Wednesday 2nd November (All Soul's Day) at to set the intention for the day (please meet at the car park before hand). All welcome. #Tuamspiritbabies

Friday, 28 October 2016

Tuam Spirit Babies - Valerie Dunne

Beautiful work submitted by Valerie Dunne (top) The baby gro merging into the brickwork is a hugely powerful statement as many people from Tuam have referenced the 9ft.walls that surrounded the 'Home.' Valerie facilitates many art projects in Dublin and has done profound work with families who have lost a baby. Wonderful!!!

Anne-Marie Gillooley (bottom) is mother to Max who died full-term before birth. She has a blog and speaks of the 'Max-shaped hole' in her and her husband's lives.' Another very moving contribution to this project. 

The tears just keep flowing in this project... 
Many thanks to you both for taking the time and effort. It's greatly appreciated Xx

Tuam Spirit Babies - Tastes like a Candelight Vigil

Tuam Spirit Babies - Love and Truth bombs

We're blown away by these LOVE and TRUTH bombs Xx Amazing!!!! Huge hugs to whoever's helping us out!!!! You're an absolute SUPERSTARxXx

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Tuam Spirit Babies - 'Home Babies' memories

This will bring you to tears.

In memory of the 'Home Babies'.

Tuam Spirit Babies - Penny Jones Yoga

Penny Jones Yoga

Here's what the Mother and Baby yoga  group Penny Jones Yoga produced for our 'Tuam Spirit Babies' exhibition. Gorgeous.

And this is what was conveyed when I chatted to Penny afterwards.

The 'Home Babies' didn't get a chance to do all the usual things children do at home; like listening to their favourite music or enjoy a family christmas or even just arts and crafts with their own mothers. The image on the bottom right is a small baby handprint but surrounding it, is the announcements in the newspapers for births, deaths and marriages which they were also denied. 

It's astounding how many different perspectives are coming from this subject.

MairĂ©ad McKeon also dropped by at the same time as Penny last week and she delivered a tiny hand crafted bonnet which is on the second row in the photo above. Beautiful. MairĂ©rad is part of the Yarn-bombing movement in Headford :-)

Thank you to everyone for taking the time and effort to contribute. It's greatly appreciated.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Tuam Spirit Babies - Sans Secours

This incredible piece of writing is by Dee Macmahon. Thank you for this poignant contribution to our Tuam Spirit Babies exhibition. Sans Secours (without help/helpless).