Sunday, 11 September 2016

Tuam Spirit Babies - Tuam shopping Mall

From the Heart
A dead moth was found in amongst the butterflies when we opened the bag

Pauline Cunningham

Val McNamara and Pauline Cunningham
I’ve spent a huge amount of time in Tuam over the past six weeks and the past fortnight I was there three weekday mornings out of five. There’s a great amount of support beginning to build around our project ’Tuam Spirit Babies’ and my experience with groups and individuals in Tuam has been a VERY BEAUTIFUL ONE. Thank you. And special thanks to Tuam Shopping mall for allowing us set up stall again. To Val McNamara and Pauline Cunningham it’s great to have you on board. What support! Yesterday’s 'from the heart’ in Tuam Shopping mall was a very different day to the first but what was apparent again was the amount of loving support coming from individuals. Thanks to Sharon Fitzmaurice for dropping by Xx Lucie Gavin for her beautiful angel card and to all the many healers and husbands (we're not all connected on FB) who dropped by to say Hi!-incredible. Despite suffering from a lower back complaint (I look a bit like a cubist painting-hence no pic) I do feel supported (Louise Hay)and just wanted to acknowledge that. There's still time to get involved, so I'm reposting the video that has been circulating for a while now. Lots of love Xx #Tuamspiritbabies

Tuam Spirit Babies – an invitation to participate in a National Art Project – recognising past wrongs. Sadie Cramer is an artist and a Body-Mind Balancing pr...

Tuam Spirit Babies - Holly Mullarkey's Porcelain Shoes

Art and poem by Holly Mullarkey to the memory of the 'Home Babies.'
The box below says 'gifts direct' on the ribbon, a subtle reference to fostering and adoption but it also has the pitch black coffin like appearance. With the porcelain bootees encased within, it's a powerful piece by Holly Mullarkey which was made as an immediate response to the findings of the Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home over two years ago.#Tuamspiritbabies 
To the memory of the 'Home Babies' by Holly Mullarkey
 The porcelain bootees have a pinched and tired quality to them, worn and worn out. Lined up in pairs they are powerfully evocative. The snowflake ribbon reminds us of the purity and fragility of new life and the individual within the group but it also has a further connection to the present generation who are often referred to to as 'Generation snowflake' - Author Claire Fox argues we created Generation Snowflake by over-protecting them as children. In the UK, Tom Bennett was recruited by the government to address behaviour in schools. He commented that Generation Snowflake children at school can be over-protected from reality, leading to problems when they progress to university and are confronted with real-world truths. They can react with intolerance towards people and things that they believe may offend someone. (wikipedia)

A stark contrast to the 'Home Children.'
The art and poem by Holly Mullarkey will be displayed alongside other contributions at an exhibition space in Tuam on Wed. November 2nd (All Soul's Day.) Details to follow.
Porcelain Shoes to the memory of the 'Home Babies' by Holly Mullarkey
Porcelain Shoes

Porcelain feet
Born out of
The Great Mystery
Of life
Out cast
I cast
For your Holy Feet
Porcelain Shoes
To wear
In Heaven
I sculpt
Fine Porcelain vessels
For your soles
Little feet
Mother alone
In chid-birth
Out cast
I cast
From fine white clay
Little coffins
To carry you
I place these coffins
On Knoc Ma
Fairy Hill
Over looking Tuam Hinterlands
A silent prayer offering
Elevated womb
Holding sacred memories
Of child birth cries
I kneel
I place
This prayer into
Elevated Silence.
                           By Holly Mullarkey

Holly Mullarkey - Photo by Mike Shaughnessy for the Galway Advertiser