Monday, 27 June 2016

Tuam Spirit Babies - The Dancer of Reconciliation

I have a set of cards called The Shaman's Oracle by John Matthew and Will Kingham, in their words: 'The Shaman's oracle works in a simple and direct manner: it integrates the primal beliefs and rituals of our first ancestors with the needs and forces that govern our lives today."
I just picked out this card and this what it says:

"I am the dancer of reconciliation. I dance between those who have grown apart, between tribe and tribe, person and person, nation and nation. I seek out those who are estranged and restore the balance that has been lost. To all who feel crushed beneath the weight of dissolution and separation, I offer the opportunity to restore the shape and form the broken bonds. I also bring means of righting old wrongs and grievances through which process we may grow stronger."
The Dancer of Reconciliation
Without reconciliation we can spent a great deal of time in a no man's land of strife and disillusion. We reconcile ourselves to many things in life without realising it - trivial things that go wrong at home or work, or cannot change - loss, death, shifts in fortune at many levels - is an essential stage of learning on our lie's journey. The Dancer of Reconciliation stands as a force of restoration, a healing presence that offers us insight to understand the true nature of our grievances and the power to mend them.    
Balance restored - Anger dissolved - Restitution of wrongs - Inner certainty - Resolving doubt and confusion -  Strengthening bonds-  Bringing harmony -  Peacemaking ‪#‎Tuamspiritbabies‬