Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Tuam Spirit babies- Painting the town RED confessions of a graffiti artist

By ROORii www.featurewalls.ie/

The TRUTH is out! Phew!!!! #Tuamspiritbabies

The TRUTH is out! Painting the town RED. Confessions of a graffiti artist.

Criminal behaviour that's what it is.

'So I couldn't sleep with the guilt, when I finally woke up! I had to confess. It was me that graffitied the N17 billboard.  

It's now advertising the Wednesday night candlelit vigil at the 'Home Babies Burial Grounds' Tuam.

Please please share this post and let the Truth be known.

This Wednesday 2nd Nov, bring the family for candlelight procession for the memory of the gentle beings that were buried in secret unmarked graves.

My Son Joshua asked me "Daddy did you get permission? to paint that love heart"

I did I told him but not from my head, it was from my Heart.'

ROORii a father and concerned parent.❣️

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