Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Tuam Spirit Babies - Pauline Cunningham

Life, Love, Live Life.
Here's one of the latest pieces for our Tuam Spirit Babies exhibition by Pauline Cunningham. 

If you've ever met Pauline you'll agree she has one of the biggest hearts of anyone you're ever likely meet. She has a very chilled, loving presence, so when she volunteered to be part of the 'From the Heart' days (there were three) at the Tuam Shopping Mall, it was completely right to have her on board. She has an amazing facility to cut through the bullshit and get to the heart of something without causing damage as she goes. Very interesting that the piece she did encapsulates herself. A lovely woman with a strong plant growing from her heart centre executed on handmade paper and framed beautifully.

Pauline connected very strongly to how the mothers were treated in the 'home,' so her overall image is about them. 

The back of the frame has a thick piece of sacking with which to hang the work and that, in itself, conveys more than I need to write.

Many thanks to Pauline for giving her time 
(three Saturdays in Tuam) and of course the time and effort gone into creating such a lovely contribution to our show.#Tuamspiritbabies

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