Sunday, 9 October 2016

Tuam Spirit Babies - Motion

The wheels are in motion, we're off!!! 
This project is taking on a life force of it's own and it's moving at a rapid rate. It's almost hard to catch my breath somedays...As mentioned before, the many daily occurrences, synchronicities and overlaps are astounding.

When our old car died, I asked that another car magically appear. It did. I believe in magick. Rurai O'Byrne (Feature walls artist - his work's on an earlier post) told me that his dad's car has been sitting in his driveway for the past three years because he has Alzheimer's :-( Did we want it? Yes. 
We accepted it without question because sometimes we need to be in that 'heart space' of acceptance. It's turned out to be an absolute gift, not only is it immaculate inside and out (even though it's a 2004- it was minded) it's also very comfortable and luxurious and it arrived in perfect time. 
Blessings and huge thanks to Rurai Xx

We've had it for over a week now and we're thrilled with it.

Yesterday on my way to Cellbridge library, the car was cruising along nicely but then as it neared Athlone, I felt the tyre blow, accompanied by the smell of burning rubber and and a cloud of white smoke, the speed dropped dramatically and the whole car started to judder. I could feel the steering wheel hopping in my hands. Very scary.  Luckily, I was right near the slip road for the Applegreen service station where I managed to swerve in. It was only 7.30am, so I was lucky for a number of different reasons: the place wasn't too busy, I didn't crash into anyone else and the lovely Jonathan was available to help me calm down and assisted a very smooth wheel change. He did however, tell me it's a wonder I wasn't killed as the tyre had blown in three places. I'm being minded.

I wasn't hurt and neither was I mildly injured, just shook and pretty much stayed shook until I finally got home and into bed. 

Just before I reached our house, I parked at the pier to just take a moment's breather and soak up the calm of the lake, it looked particularly serene yesterday and whilst doing so a crazy little wagtail kept flying around the car, tapping each window and the roof as it went. It encircled the car about six times at which stage the charm of it was beginning to wear off and I was beginning to get a bit freaked. 
What the hell...?

On reflection, yesterday's incident wasn't about the car (although we've since bought a whole new set of tyres.) We have to be practical, but mostly about the concept of motion and the need to embrace the unexpected. As stated, this project has a sense of motion about it, it's changing rapidly daily and so many different view points, people and ideas have to be taken into consideration during the process. It's a big undertaking.
All we can do is embrace things as they unfold and try and 
facilitate everyone with a sense of cheer. 
I'm really enjoying the winged messengers in the midst of it all. 
Lots of love Xx

Wagtail offering reflection
Wagtail. Motion. 

Message- move forward, no matter how slow, steady or uncertain. Have the strength to push forward against the odds. Dedicated effort, time management. Cheerfulness, sociabilty, friendly. Balance within to move from one thing to another. 
You can't make this stuff up Xx


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