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Tuma Spirit Babies-HOME

Our 20 yr.old car (we had it for 10.5 years) finally popped it's lil' pistons and took itself off to the great Toyota garage in the sky yesterday. We're all sad. We'll miss the 'fun bus'(it was an 8 seater) as it was affectionately called by some of our passengers. We live in the midst of the country (Mark has a van for his work) but we also need a car. How a new one is going to magically appear will be interesting, usually I get a bit worried by things like that but, strangely, I feel a sense of calm and trust about it and weirdly excited...? The car was towed away last Sunday and I've been at HOME a lot more than usual this week and for some reason the word HOME has come up in different forms to acknowledge.

I like to look at the definitions of words (you've prob. guessed that by now.)
This is the psychological aspect of the HOME from Wikipedia.

A home is generally a place that is close to the heart of the owner, and can become a prized possession. It has been argued that psychologically "The strongest sense of home commonly coincides geographically with a dwelling. Usually the sense of home attenuates as one moves away from that point, but it does not do so in a fixed or regular way."[11] Since it can be said that humans are generally creatures of habit, the state of a person's home has been known to physiologically influence their behavior, emotions, and overall mental health.[12] People may become homesick when they leave their home over an extended period of time. Places like homes can trigger self-reflection, thoughts about who someone is or used to be or who they might become.[citation needed] These types of reflections also occur in places where there is a collective historical identity, such as Gettysburg or Ground Zero.[13]
Popular sayings include "a man's home is his castle", "there is no place like home", "home sweet home", "to be at home", "home away from home", "make yourself at home", "you can never go home again",[14] "home is where the heart is"[15] and "home is where you hang your hat".[16]
The word home can be used for various types of residential community institutions in which people can live, such as nursingretirement homes for seniors, foster homes, etc.[citation needed]Short-term accommodation in a treatment facility for several weeks is unlikely to be considered 'home'.
Homes may be lost in many ways, such as natural disasters[17] or wars or abandoning for too long .  

Home has different connotations for different people. 
Home is where the heart is
Home is where the hearth is
Where there is fire and cheer and warmth there's HOME

Heaven On Mother Earth
Could quite easily be 
Hell On Mother Earth for some 
By all accounts Home is not a word that most of the inhabitants would use to describe the place they endured, it was more a prison or detention centre. 

The children from the Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home in Tuam were often called the 'Home Babies' or the 'Home children' by locals and a story that a lady told me one day in the Shopping mall kind of fits with the overall theme of this post.

She lived just beyond the great boundary wall of the 'Home,' her mother was a dressmaker and one day when she was around the age of five, a girl from the home appeared on the top of her kitchen table. The girl was being fitted for a new dress and was having her hem adjusted. This lady recalled how beautiful the girl looked in a brand new dress and despite having the blunt signature bob haircut that most of the girls had (to get rid of the lice) her platinum blonde hair shone with a brand new ribbon. Delighted for the girl she told her, "Now you look like a nice girl and not a 'home child' anymore." The lady told me that her own words have haunted her for years and that the passage of time has revealed so many things about that day in her house. Many children (girls especially) were prepared for adoption in such a manner. They were fitted with new garments, replacing the heavy brown uniform which was worn all the time, and given a colourful ribbon for the hair rather than the brown stripy one.

So much of this story is wrong but is yet another aspect to consider about the 'Home children.'#Tuamspiritbabies 

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