Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Tuam Spirit Babies - Lucy Gavin

                                  Lucie Gavin is a lovely Czech lady living in Tuam

By Lucie Gavin
I've had the pleasure of meeting Lucie several times over the past few years and it was lovely to spend time chatting properly over a cup of coffee  
Lucie (and several other people who have made little keepsakes for the show) told me that they entered a kind of communion with the process. They've all had a certain idea about what they've wanted to achieve but something quite emotional happens during the actual making of the piece and a particular message comes with the finished product. Lucie mentioned how the sense of 'divide and isolate' was very much a starting point but the thing that struck her was that the spirit of the two (mother and baby stays together.) That each have their own hearts but they beat as one because they are made of the same blood and tissue and that they are still one no matter how far apart they are. Beautiful.
Thank you for your contribution Lucie.
                                      The message from the paintings.

Tuam Spirit Babies
     These two paintings belong together. 
They symbolise mum and baby. 
      Dove symbolises LOVE and PEACE - make peace and send Love.
"Always loved,  never forgotten."
Dry those tears and forgive." Lucie

Lucie Gavin
Phone: 086 0853618
Email: luciegavin@hotmail.com

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