Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Tuam Spirit Babies - Healing

One of the reasons the project 'Tuam Spirit Babies' came about was to help bring healing to the dreadful period in Ireland's recent past. I don't have the answers as to how this can be achieved and neither do many of the people I've spoken to but we do have a willingness to explore the subject and take risks in order to do so. This leaves us in a state of vulnerability. We don't know, the outcome is uncertain but by talking to people and actively listening to their comments, we form connections. Connections are vitally important to the whole process of healing when we consider that so many families were torn apart; divided and isolated for generations. If what comes out of this project is reconnection, that is enough. It's very healing in itself. Many of the people we have spoken to talk of the need for public ritual, a coming together, a recognition as a collective, of past wrongs, a recognition of each other and our togetherness. This needs to happen and in itself, will nurture further connections. 
An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time and space. It may bend and stretch but never break. An ancient Chinese proverb

For the past fortnight I've had chronic back pain and our car broke down, so I've been forced to stop and consider things. I ask my higher self questions.
Firstly, why I might find myself in such a situation; what external and internal factors have brought me to this position?

What does it really feel like to go into the space of vulnerability?
Who do I go to for help, who can I ultimately trust to help show me what needs to be addressed?

Why is asking for help so difficult for most of us/me?

What's the project mirroring in my personal life?

If my issue's alignment, what am I not aligned to? How can I change it?
What's the recurring theme when my back/car goes?
What else needs to be noticed to bring me back to full health?
Am I fully receptive to the help that might be offered?

In order to address these issues, I've had to ask for external help, I ask Spirit. I ask my husband Mark, who is a constant rock and a great source of support on every level. I trust him and love him and I know he will help me. 
That feels good.
Then I go to Val McNamara whom I've also learnt to love and trust as a healer and a friend, who will gently help bring a shifting of perspective and restoration. I needed their help and they were more than willing to give it to me. 

Working with so many different people, I also need time out for myself and sometimes, I just don't do enough or in time before something drastic happens. 

Really, this post is about seeking healing when we need it, being prepared to feel vulnerable during the process but also entering into a space where we are asking and getting the heart connection with another, when we are prepared to let down the guard and receive it fully.

It's also worth remembering another's physical/emotional pain and often times the disconnection that happens from ourselves and those around us when we have difficulty in asking for help or wallow in the blame of it. This must have been an extra excruciating factor for the 'home mothers and children' but might also have been something experienced by the nuns. It's worth considering anyway.#Tuamspiritbabies 

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