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Tuam Spirit Babies - Fostering

It's been a privilege to meet some of the survivors from the Tuam Mother and Baby Home and on Thursday I met a lady for the second time at Friends in Tuam (see details below.)  She hasn't told her story publicly yet and it's up to her to do that in her own time but during the course of our conversation, she raised a point which deserves reflection.
We know there were up to 1,000 illegal adoptions from the home in Tuam and we know that children were 'boarded out' (fostered) from the 'home' also. Seen as a source of income or a form of cheap labour some children endured horrendous abuses often working as slaves to their host families. This wasn't this woman's experience, she was treated well enough but she did say, 'We were just like pigeons, seen as dirty pests who were only there to carry out messages.' That's hefty symbolism.

Maternity, femininity and prophecy

'In shamanism, pigeons and doves are interchangeable and symbolize home and security. They are considered spirit messengers that carry communication between the worlds of the living and dead. Pigeons and doves are thought to bring love, peace and an understanding of gentleness.'

People who resonate with this bird may have experienced unsettling childhood’s and life lessons will be most prevailing in this area. This bird also represents peace of the deepest kind. Its coo soothes and calms are troubled minds but can also be seen as trying to calm deeper emotions.  

The pigeon is determined, and a pigeon sighting may encourage an individual to stand firm regardless of formidable challenges. Pigeons are safest in a flock and may also symbolize the strength and support offered within a community. 
During biblical times, doves and pigeons were offered in sacrifice.
As I was leaving Friends I encounterd a freshly killed pigeon on the road (it wasn't there before the visit and it's blood hadn't even sunk into the tarmac.)

If ever there was a message...

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Welcome to Friends Ireland

Welcome to Friends Ireland. Our aim is to tackle social isolation in adults. We want to help you reach out to new people, in a safe, relaxed social environment.

It’s difficult to put yourself out there. Do you struggle making friends?
Do you shy away from large groups? Perhaps you need some moral support? The first step can be the biggest barrier. One word, ”hello” can make all the difference.
Friends Ireland are here to help.
We appreciate the difficulties people can have in forming and maintaining friendships. Please know you’re not alone. Many people struggle with the social ability to connect with others effortlessly. Because people feel they are the only ones struggling it’s not openly discussed. This only compounds and reinforces the isolation felt.

This is some of the material you'll find on the friendsireland website :-)

Allow yourself to be seen: a path to self love and connection

Connecting: both the beginning and fundament of relationships. How do we create bounds that link our deepest selves with other souls? What seems to be easy for some, can be subject of frustration for others. BrenĂ© Brown shows us the value of imperfection, the courage of allowing our emotions to be part of us and the strength of vulnerability. As this beautiful weekend of August approaches, let this video be of inspiration: go out there and “allow yourselves to be seen”! đŸ™‚ Connect through your heart and don’t be afraid of showing your inner colours, as what you may consider your ugliness, is really just part of your beauty.

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