Friday, 22 July 2016

Tuam Spirit Babies - A Broken Heart

A Broken Heart
The first of the 'keepsakes' arrived in the post yesterday, 'A Broken Heart' came from a woman in Donegal and it speaks volumes. Even before the package was opened, there was a powerful feeling from it. So much has been poured into this little, white square of knitting and the impact of it brings up questions about this this lady and her experience but also about her connection to this project. We've never met and her name's not familiar, yet here was a hand written letter and a hand knitted item which took time, effort and thought to put together. It shifted something in me which is exactly what art should do.
'A Broken Heart' pulls at the heart strings and leaves us wondering. 
In response, I've decided to share everything that comes in from now on, so we can all access that experience and have an online archive of the work. We'll all glean a lot from this part of the process and it'd be good to recognise the unique qualities of the individual within the group. I've spoken to a few people who are in the midst of their pieces and it's so interesting to hear how they are encapsulating their thoughts which vary immensely. 
Really looking forward to seeing what evolves. .‪#‎Tuamspiritbabies‬ Sadie

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