Saturday, 17 October 2015

Lovely Leitrim Library visits

Had such a wonderful day at Drumshanbo and Carrick-on-Shannnon libraries. Thanks you for inviting me back! Really enjoyed exploring the magic of night-time with 66 children (who always astound me with their knowledge.) Visited Knocknashee (hill of the fairies) and caught up with Ruth Le Gear (who is doing incredible work in this part of the country) so all in all, a day brimming with magic and sparkle. Really love you Leitrim Xx

Upcoming events at Inner, Beauty Holistic Centre, Terryland, Galway

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Spirit Babies Support Group

There was such an amazing response to Saturday's workshop both by those who attended and by the many who couldn't. It was a beautiful day and what became apparent, even before we commenced, was the need for continued support for those who have suffered the loss of a baby at whatever stage. So in response, I am setting up a 'Spirit Babies Support Group' which will meet on the first Monday of every  month at the  ‪#‎Innerbeautyholisticcentre‬, Terryland, Galway.
Our first date will be on Thursday 12th November@ 7.30pm followed by Thursday December 10th. Anyone who has had a loss; be it in pregnancy or post pregnancy, whether it be recently or in the distant past, is welcome and as this seems to be a theme that resonates with all women regardless of their experience, I open the invitation to all. 

Given the response locally I've been invited to travel elsewhere with this workshop. If you'd like to propose a venue, please contact me. Sadie Cramer 087 2940458

Here's a response from a lady about my last post and why we need to meet agin and again Xx 

Beautiful read Sadie, best of luck with the day, it sounds so healing and wonderful. I spent 6 months in home for unmarried mothers 34 years ago and had my baby taken from me at six days old... Thankfully I was one of the lucky ones and got her back for good when she was a month old. My profile pic is me, my daughther and now my gorgeous grand daughter. I only took the time in recent years to allow myself the compassion for the trauma of it all heart emoticon xxx Love to you and & your six children xxx

Angel wings made by the ladies at the Spirit Babies workshop