Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Galway 2020 - To Hell or to Connacht - Latest illustration

Here's my contribution
Sadie Cramer - To hell or to Connacht


Huge congrats to the Galway 2020 team on making the shortlist to become European Capital of Culture

Igniting Creativity - NUIG

Really enjoyed meeting the first year students on the child studies course at NUIG yesterday. 
How do we use our creativity? 
What do we create? 
Also discovering what our own creativity actually is, then looking at ways to extend this to other people. This was an important starting point for most people who hadn't considered these questions before.

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is take time out to 
!!! PLAY !!! - 
just like children (they're our best teachers) when we are relaxed and enjoying ourselves, it creates space for us to receive new ideas - a good starting point for most creation.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Goddess workshop

Do you need to move into your power centre? Would you like to learn more about your own Goddess qualities? Do you need to devote a day to discovering your innate gifts and abilities? Then this workshop is for you. An immersive day to meditate and create, we'll be connecting to the divine feminine energies. Open to both men and women. €50.00 Please contact Sadie Cramer 087 2940458 to book a place. #innerbeautyholisticcentre

Friday, 13 November 2015

Inner Beauty Holistic Centre open day

Wendy Van Den Hopf cleverly chose 11.11.15 at 11' 0 clock (her birthday) and a new moon to open her new premises to the public and what an amazing day it was. How fantastic to meet so many therapists offering so many different and such wonderful treatments. I've been extremely lucky to benefit from the healing treatments of Wendy herself, Sharon Fitzmaurice, Janine Schuller and Trish Sheehan all whom I highly recommend. I'm also looking forward to sampling more of what's on offer over the coming weeks. 

What really struck me about the day was how lovely and gentle the energy flowing around the room was; no clashing egos, no big dominant personalities just a loving and harmonious atmosphere. 

Congratulations to Wendy on bringing her dream to fruition but also for creating such a warm and inviting centre that we can all benefit from.


Some of the team of fantastic therapists operating from  ‪#‎innerbeautyholisticcentre‬ from left to right Janine Schuller, Mary Welby, Norah Coyne, Wendy Van Den Hopf, Andrew Marmion, Karina Caroll, Sadie Cramer, Dolores Andrew Gavin, Sharon Fitzmaurice, Monica, Cathleen Fahy, Trish Sheehan and Fiona.

Wendy Van Den Hopf who offers a plethora of fantastic treatments herself including beauty and holistic
(highly recommended) 

Norah Coyne - Fantastic sound treatments and readings

The wonderful Sharon Fitzmaurice who does a monthly healing circle and reiki treatments at the centre (highly recommended)

Janine Schuller (Gentle warrior) who offers womb blessings and ceremonies (highly recommended)

Dolores Andrew Gavin - inspiring lady  who empowers children through story and emotional awareness.

Fiona - nutritionist
Andrew Marmion - angel card readings