Thursday, 6 February 2014

Finding the story

I've wanted to do a creative writing course for sometime but was never drawn to any particular one. Last year #NessaO'Mahony ran a course at the writers centre andI didn't get there. Yesterday, however, I couldn't believe my luck when I actually found myself sitting in a room with fourteen others, embarking on this new adventure. It's quite a scary process to read what you've just written aloud to a group of strangers, knowing there are mistakes, but hey, looking forward to the challenge and moving out of my comfort zone.

Writers centre
Nessa O'Mahony

Monday, 3 February 2014

BaborĂ³ exhibition piece

This panel was created by 160 children (2 boards each) for #BaborĂ³ International Arts festival for Children in 2011. Kilcoona National School was the recipient of the inaugural 'Above and Beyond' award and this piece was exhibited at the Children's Gallery (a 'pop up' shop in Headford) and Galway City library. We're delighted it's finally found it's permanent home in the school hall for all to enjoy.

Kilcoona National School hall

At K.N.S

Photographs taken by the children from Kilcoona National School

Galway City library

Children's Gallery Headford