Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Marion John Design Award 2013

Here's what the other half has been up to. We're delighted for him!

Mark Hand Winner category 2 (kitchen - bespoke)

Congratulations to Mark on winning Category 2 of the inaugural Marion John Design Awards.  

                                                                  Mark's website

Marion John was passionate about design, and she believed that every project, regardless of size or budget, deserved considered and careful design.  Sadly, Marion passed away early in 2013,  and, as we want to continue to promote her beliefs, our kitchen and bathroom design competition is dedicated to her memory and the principal that every client deserves a good design.

A design award with a difference.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Cultural Diversity in Children's Books

As a mixed race person, I am and always have been, naturally conscious of brown faces in Children's Books. Here are great examples of cultural diversity in children's literature without the bells and whistles. All we do is simply include everyone. It's as easy as that. Growing up in the seventies, Shirley Hughes's work reflected life in the UK as it was, diverse and ethnically mixed. She always included everyone; we felt part of her books. Cultural polarisation of either black or white people by it's very nature excludes.

The fantastic Shirley Hughes

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The stunning work of Jane Ray

The amazing David Roberts

Lauren Child

Tuesday, 1 July 2014